Regrets by Deirdre

The humidity of New York City on a mid-summer’s evening made the rain hotter and heavier than Anna was used to. As she took her smoke break outside the restaurant, staring up at the overcast sky, she could see a storm was coming. The first roll of thunder clapped overheard when the phone in her … Continue reading Regrets by Deirdre


(The Tragedy of) Kate Can’t Swim

Warning: Contains spoilers. Kate Can’t Swim is, in many ways, an impressive debut for director Josh Hellman and co-director Evan Jonigkeit. Filmed in just twelve short days, the feature-length project is beautifully shot and well-edited, moving seamlessly from Brooklyn to upstate New York in a kind of mesmerizing swirl. But timing is not always everything, … Continue reading (The Tragedy of) Kate Can’t Swim